Contrail / コントレール (2016)

SYNOPSIS: Aoki Aya is a lonely woman who lost her husband in a random murder six years ago. The son she was expecting at the time of incident is now 5 years old. One day, she meets truck driver Osabe Ryoji at the drive-in where she works and falls in love with him. However, Ryoji, who abandoned everything including his job as a lawyer, was the perpetrator of her husband’s murder six years ago… DETAILS: Title: コントレール Title (English): Contrail Tagline: 罪と恋 / Tsumi to… Read More »

The Flower in Prison / 옥중화 (2016)

SYNOPSIS: A story about Ok Nyeo, a talented girl born and raised in prison but gains great skill and wisdom through her encounters with extraordinary people from all walks of life. She becomes a crusader for the oppressed peasant class and embarks on a journey to find the class she belongs to in the caste system. Through the life of Ok Nyeo, this drama introduces Joseon’s proud legacy of human rights laws, which Ok Nyeo fights to enact throughout the kingdom. DETAILS: Title: 옥중화 /… Read More »

Doctor Chousahan / ドクター調査班 (2016)

SYNOPSIS: It is estimated that between 1,300 to 2,000 people die because of medical accidents in Japan every year. The Medical Accident Investigation Committee (MAIC) was established with the objective of determining the causes of these accidents and preventing their recurrence. Its members – doctors and lawyers – conduct undercover investigations at suspicious hospitals and medical care facilities to expose the hidden truth and crush the malice lurking in the dark. Hanaoka Akira, a gastroenterologist, is the leader of the MAIC’s Seventh Unit. When he… Read More »

Omukae desu. / Omukae Death / お迎えデス。(2016)

SYNOPSIS: Madoka Tsutsumi is a university student. He rarely expresses his feelings and he has never done an impulsive act in his life. One night, he sees an old man and a pink rabbit struggling physically. The pink rabbit seems surprised and asks Madoka if he can see them. The pink rabbit then introduces itself as the Angel of Death and says the old man is a ghost who died yesterday. DETAILS: Title: お迎えデス。 Title (romaji): Omukae desu. Also known as: Omukae Death Format: Renzoku… Read More »

OUR HOUSE (2016)

SYNOPSIS: Set in the residential suburb of Tokyo, the story revolves around the Ban Family with four kids and a widow father. Since their loving mother passed away from illness six months ago, the eldest daughter, 12-year-old Sakurako has taken care of all the household chores and manages the family alone. While the four siblings are still feeling down from the loss of their mother, their father Sota returns home from his work in the U.S. along with a young American woman named Alice Shepherd… Read More »

Pure Love (2014)

SYNOPSIS: This is the story of Diane (Alex Gonzaga), an optimistic rich girl who seems to have everything; and Ysabel (Yen Santos), an average working girl who led a rather ‘lifeless’ life since her boyfriend died. One day, because of an accident, Diane and Ysabel’s fates became entwined. In her state of coma, Diane discovered through the mysterious “Scheduler” (Matt Evans) that she was not destined to die yet. Then she will be given a second chance at life, that is, after completing a special… Read More »

Glamorosa (2011)

SYNOPSIS: Glamorosa is a Philippine drama series which tackles love, family, medical cosmetology, beauty and perfection offered by TV5 and airs Mondays to Fridays after Wil Time Bigtime. The series is all about the world of cosmetic surgery and the glamorous lifestyle of the two cosmetic surgeons competing for love and success in an industry masked by beauty and marred by intrigues and lies. The series was led by Lorna Tolentino and Alice Dixson. It is also the 2nd Primetime Anniversary Offering of TV5. The… Read More »

Boysitter / Bad Romance / 俏摩女搶頭婚 (2014)

SYNOPSIS: Six years ago, Yuan Fei left town after her boyfriend refused to marry her. Six years later, she returned as his new boss. Can these Ex’s be friends? Or, will their personal issue ignite a professional war? DETAILS: Title: 俏摩女搶頭婚 (俏摩女抢头婚) / Chiao Mo Nu Chiang Tou Hun (Qiao Mo Nu Qiang Tou Hun) English title: Boysitter Also known as: 魔女搶頭婚 (魔女抢头婚) / Mo Nu Qiang Tou Hun / Bad Romance Genre: Romance Episodes: 15 Broadcast network: CTV Broadcast period: 2014-Dec-06 to 2015-Mar-14 Air… Read More »

The Imperial Doctress / Nv Yi Ming Fei Zhuan / 女医·明妃传 (2016)

SYNOPSIS: A drama depicting the legendary life of Tan Yun Xian, who through her enthusiasm and persistence, overcame many difficulties and rose through the ranks to become the most famous female doctor of the Ming Dynasty. DETAILS: Title: 女医·明妃传 / Nv Yi Ming Fei Zhuan English Title: The Imperial Doctress Genre: period, romance, inspirational Broadcast network: Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV Episodes: 50 Broadcast period: 2016-Feb-13 to 2016-Mar-09 Opening Theme song: Heavy Rain Is Coming by Lala Hsu (徐佳莹) Ending Theme song: Until That Day (直到那一天)… Read More »

Master: God of Noodles / The Master of Revenge / 마스터-국수의 신 (2016)

SYNOPSIS: The child is walking with a limp as his body was cut everywhere. The next thing he notices is that he finds himself at two crossroads. On his left is the police office and on his right is the orphanage. Should he step up or hide himself? That night, his parents are burned to death. He has to change his name in order to survive. As he decides to go to the orphanage, he has a new name, ‘Mumyeong’, meaning ‘no name’. We all… Read More »