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Marry Me or Not / Bi Chu Nv Ren / 必娶女人 (2015)

SYNOPSIS: Cai Huan Zhen is a certifiable b*tch. She would do and say anything to get what she wants. If she has to step on another person’s back to get it, all the better. She had vowed to ruin Hao Sheng Nan’s life after the women sabotaged her wedding to her dream guy. But her revenge plan started to go haywire when the man she tried to steal from her enemy turned out to not be the boyfriend but the woman’s brother, Hao Meng. DETAILS:… Read More »

Fall in Love with Me / Ai Shang Liang Ke Wo / 愛上兩個我 (2014)

SYNOPSIS: After a series of meaningless ads, creative prodigy and Tian Ji Advertisement CEO Lu Tian Xing announces that he is going on hiatus until he rediscovers his inspiration. During his escape he unwittingly walks into the film set of a small advertisement company, OZ, and is reminded of the passion involved in commercial making. Tao Le Si is the boss of OZ, a collapsing company that her brother had left behind. One day she has a misfortunate encounter with the arrogant Lu Tian Xing,… Read More »

Moon River / Ming Ruo Xiao Xi / 明若曉溪 (2015)

SYNOPSIS: The day Ming Xiao Xi transferred to her new school, she got herself into a fight with the most popular kids in school, who also happened to be the most arrogant, devilish pretty boys in school. Before she knew it, she became public enemy number 1. But, nothing can defeat this outgoing martial artist. She can handle any punches coming her way. DETAILS: Title: 明若曉溪 (明若晓溪) / Ming Ruo Xiao Xi English Title: Moon River Also known as: 愛情迴旋踢 (爱情回旋踢) / Ai Qing Hui… Read More »

Murphy’s Law of Love / Mo Fei, Zhe Jiu Shi Ai Qing / 莫非,這就是愛情 (2015)

SYNOPSIS: What happens when true love meets Murphy’s Law? Murphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Guan Xiao Tong is known as the “love guru” of the Meet and Match Online Dating Company, able to solve anybody’s relationship issues. After He Zhi Yu, a beautiful model, leaves Ji Jia Wei,he is heartbroken but his father tries to convince him to move on. To help his own divorced father get close to Wu Mei Zhen, the boss of the dating company, Jia… Read More »

When I See You Again / 他看她的第2眼 (2015)

SYNOPSIS: Xia You Qian (Jasper Liu) is the total package. He’s good-looking, a highly successful head of a private equity company and well liked by everyone around him. Even competitors like Hu Yan Ze (Jet Chao) can’t help but respect him and wealthy socialites like Hu Yong Qing (Ivy Shao) are in love with him. But You Qian also has the keen ability to make accurate assessments about people at first sight using his strong observational skills. When You Qian and his grandfather are invited… Read More »

Love Cuisine / 料理高校生 (2015)

SYNOPSIS: Han Jie is a celebrated chef in Europe, but he returns to Taiwan to teach at his father’s school to honor a promise he made to a former instructor. There, he meets and falls in love with Fang Xiao Rou. But will she forgive him when she learns he ended her father’s career? DETAILS: Title: 料理高校生 / Lao Li Gao Xiao Sheng English title: Love Cuisine Genre: Drama, school Episodes: 22 Broadcast network: SETTV Broadcast period: 2015-Jul-31 to 2016-Jan-02 Air time: Friday 22:00 Opening… Read More »

Teacher GangStar / 神仙老師狗 (2014)

SYNOPSIS: Meng Xiao Hu has a master degree in history, but all he wants to do is to take over the gang from his father. While he was out chasing his enemy, he accidentally killed a puppy. A god punishes him by having him teach in a high school and turning him into a dog whenever he gets a naughty thought. DETAILS: Title: 神仙老師狗 (神仙老师狗) / Chen Hsien Lao Shih Kou (Shen Xian Lao Shi Gou) English title: Teacher GangStar Genre: School, fantasy Episodes: 30… Read More »

Aim High / 22K’s Worth of Security / 22K夢想高飛 (2014)

SYNOPSIS: A story about the friendship of six young people; their ambitions and struggles on works, especially in video games industry; as well as their love lives. DETAILS: English title: Aim High Also known as: 22K’s Worth of Security / 22K夢想高飛 Genre: Human, romance, youth Episodes: 22 Broadcast network: SETTV Broadcast period: 2014-Oct-24 to 2015-Mar-13 Air time: Fridays 22:00 Opening theme song: Shan Liang De Meng Xiang 閃亮的夢想 Shining Dream by Wei An (葳安) & Wei Xuan (葳萱) Ending theme song: Bie Ke Qi 別客氣… Read More »

School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard / 校花的貼身高手 (2015)

SYNOPSIS: A guy who was forced to be the bodyguard for their school’s most popular girl but ended up chasing after her himself. DETAILS: Title: School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard Chinese/Pinyin: 校花的貼身高手/Xiao Hua De Tie Shen Gao Shou Genre: Action, comedy, school, romance Release Date: Aug 10th 2015 – Sep 10th 2015 Episodes: 24 Runtime(average): 30 minutes Broadcast network: iQIYi Theme songs: Love Guardian by SpeXial, I am so Lonely by A’N’D Country: Taiwan Language: Mandarin CAST: Li Chung Lin as Lin Yi 林逸 Cao Xi… Read More »

My Best Ex-boyfriend / Zui Jia Qian Nan You / 最佳前男友 (2015)

SYNOPSIS: Parents force the breakup of two couples, but what happens to their lingering feelings years later? Li Tang and Fu Fang Si were high school sweethearts, but the two end up breaking up due to pressures from Li Tang’s father and a misunderstanding. Li Tang eventually stands up to his father and leaves to start his own company. Years later, Fang Si is finally achieving her dreams as a fashion designer and dating Yin Hao Ran. But their relationship gets complicated when Li Tang… Read More »