Royal Tramp / 鹿鼎记 (2008)

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Masterfully interweaving fictional characters and events with those from history, Jin Yong’s last wuxia novel tells the story of an unconventional hero who achieved fame and success due to sheer luck and clever gimmicks. Born in a Yangzhou brothel, Wei Xiao Bao is naturally cunning, witty and lazy. Thinking he’s learned everything there is to know about heroes since the beginning of time from patrons of the local teahouse, Xiao Bao decides he wants to be one too. On a whim, he aids Mao Shi Ba, a chivalrous man who’d fallen on hard times. Xiao Bao then convinces Mao Shi Ba to bring him to Beijing, where the real adventures begin.
After being captured and brought into the palace, Xiao Bao tricks Head Eunuch Hai and takes over the identity of Xiao Gui Zi, a little eunuch. One day while wandering around, Xiao Bao chances upon young Emperor Kang Xi, who is practicing martial arts. After exchanging a few bouts, the two develop an unlikely friendship. Throughout the series, Xiao Bao serves as Kang Xi’s right-hand man in disposing of the power-hungry Ao Bai, weakening Wu San Gui’s rebellion, and dealing with all sorts of other challenges while trying to keep his other identity as designated mole for Tian Di Hui, an anti-Qing organization, under wraps.

Title: 鹿鼎记 / Lu Ding Ji
English title: Royal Tramp
Also known as: The Duke of Mount Deer
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: Jiangsu TV
Broadcast period: 2008-May-05 start
English Subtitle: Hardsubbed

The Hero
Huang Xiao Ming as Wei Xiao Bao
Wang Cheng Yang as young Wei Xiao Bao

The Emperor
Wallace Chung as Kang Xi
Shi Lei as young Kang Xi

The 7 Wives
He Zhuo Yan as Shuang Er
Shu Chang as Princess Jian Ning
Liu Zi as Fang Yi
Liu Yun as Mu Jian Ping
Cherrie Ying as A Ke
Hu Ke as Su Quan
Li Fei Er as Zeng Rou

Qiao Zhen Yu as Zheng Ke Shuang
TAE as Liu Yi Zhou
Jing Gang Shan as Feng Ji Zhong
He Jia Yi as Jiu Nan
Tan Fei Ling as Suo E Tu
Elvis Tsui as Ao Bai
Zhu Yan Ping as Chen Jin Nan
Hua Zi (华子) as Head Eunuch Hai (Hai Da Fu)
Gao Yuan (高远) as Empress Dowager and Mao Dong Zhu (Fake Empress Dowager)
Ning Jing as Chen Yuan Yuan
Ma Ling as Wei Chun Hua (Wei Xiao Bao’s mother)
Li Cheng Ru as Xing Chi / Former Emperor Shun Zhi
Zhong Liang as Wu Ying Xiong
Tu Men as Wu San Gui
Yu Cheng Hui as Feng Xi Fan
Liu Xiao Hu as Zhang Kang Nian
Rocky Hou as Yang Yi Zhi
Wang Xiao Ming as Mu Jian Sheng
Li Xin Tong as A Qi
Hu Dong as Duo Long
Xiao Xiang Yu as Gui Er Niang
Li Ze Feng as Gui Zhong
Shen Bao Ping as Gui Xin Shu
Zhao Xiao Rui as Mao Shi Ba
Xue Zhong Rui as Kang Qin Wang
Yang Nian Sheng as Xu Tian Chuan
Liu Nai Yi as Priest Xuan Zhen
Li Ming as Qian Lao Ben
Yan Guan Ying as Pang Tou Tuo
Qin Wei Dong (秦卫东) as Shou Tou Tuo
Wang Jian Guo as Qi Qing Biao
Sang Wei Lin as Zhao Liang Dong
Chen Zhi Hui as Li Zi Cheng
Huang Ge Xuan as Ge Er Dan
Zhang Heng Ping as Wu Gen Dao Ren
Yuan Yuan as Hong An Tong

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