Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo / 日本人の知らない日本語 (2010)

By | July 30, 2012

Kano Haruko (Naka Riisa) is a charismatic shop assistant who has such excellent fashion sense that she has been featured in fashion magazines. However, she is unable to give up her dream of being a high school teacher. Haruko is asked by her former teacher to teach Japanese to foreigners for three months on the understanding that he would introduce her for the high school’s Japanese language teaching position. And so, she becomes a trainee teacher at a Japanese language school where she coaches nine foreign students with strong personalities, including an Italian anime enthusiast and a Swede who is in love with ninjas, according to her own convictions, while setting her sights on becoming a high school teacher.

Title: 日本人の知らない日本語
Title (romaji): Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 12
Viewership rating: TBA
Broadcast network: YTV / NTV
Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-15 to 2010-Sep-30
Air time: Thursday 23:58
English Subtitle:

Naka Riisa as Kano Haruko
Aoki Munetaka as Shibuya Taiyo
Harada Natsuki as Catherine (Katori Miyuki)
Asaka Mayumi as Akimoto Kuniko
Ikeda Narushi as Takasu Kazuki

International Students
Sethna Cyrus Nozomu as Paul (England)
Blake Crawford as Jack (America)
Camilla as Elaine (Sweden)
ZOE as Kinrei (China)
Olga Alex as Diana (Russia)
Mayo as Bob (America)
Sebastiano Serafini as Luca (Italy)
Dasha as Marie (France)
Zhang Mo (張沫) as Ou (China)

Anan Kenji as Fujimori (ep1) (Ramen Shop’s Manager)
Muramatsu Toshifumi as the Sushi Shop’s Master (ep1)
Tonesaku Toshihide as Higuchi (ep2) (Family Restaurant’s Manager)
Kobayashi Katsuya as Hanaoka (ep3) (Oden Shop’s Master)
Kato Toranosukeas Fujita (ep3)
Kamei Eri (亀井絵里) as Miki (ep4)
Machida Marie (町田マリー) as Momoko (ep7)
Oshima Yoko as Midori (ep7)
Lily as Katori Shizuko (ep8)
Kojima Fujiko as Ayaka (ep9)
Tsumiki Miho as Kou (ep9)


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