Tokyo Control / TOKYO コントロール (2011)

By | April 19, 2013

Tokyo Control

There are various of planes, approximately 30,000 flights, flying everyday in tokyo haneda airport, including jumbojet, helicopter.
During peak time, the separation between preceeding a/c is 2 mins, when the airspace is crowed, holding will
also be instructed to wait until space is available.
After the establishment of new terminal in haneda, the flights to and from haneda increased to 33,000
To prevent air and ground collision, “Air Traffic Controller” must instruct pilots with precise command (ATC phrase).
This occupation is responsible of thousands of life aboard the plane and mistakes cannot be tolerated, it
is been said to be the stressful job in the world.
In Japan, there basically 2 types of controllers, Terminal (GND, TWR, APP) and Enroute ( CTR).
Terminal control around the aerdrome, while enroute covers the invislbe high way.
For enroute, there are 4 area centre, predefined as Sapporo, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Naha.
The widest airspace is “Tokyo Control” whereas the story take place.
This is a drama the is based on recontructing major accidents due to human error in controlling, and how do controllers cope with the “incident”.

Title: TOKYO コントロール 東京航空交通管制部
Title (romaji): Tokyo Kontororu
Tagline (English): Tokyo Control
Format: Renzoku
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: January 19 – May 25, 2011
English Subtitle:

Ayako Kawahara
Saburo Tokito
Misa Shimizu
Maho Nonami
Takuma Otoo
Rome Kanda
Yosuke Kawamura
Masanobu Sakata
Toru Nomaguchi
Takashi Ito