The Horse Doctor / The King’s Doctor / 마의 (2012)

By | October 2, 2012

A Medical drama about the life of a low-class veterinarian of that era who was a horse doctor then becoming a high official as a court physician in charge of the king’s health in the late period of the Joseon Dynasty.

Title: 마의 (馬醫) / Maui
Also known as: The Horse Healer / Veterinarian / The King’s Doctor
Genre: Medical, historical, romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-01 to 2013-Mar-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Cho Seung Woo as Baek Kwang Hyun (백광현, 白光炫)
Ahn Do Gyu as young Kwang Hyun
Lee Yo Won as Kang Ji Nyung (강지녕, 姜知寧) / Young Dal
Noh Jung Ui as young Ji Nyung / Young Dal
Son Chang Min as Lee Myung Hwan (이명환, 李明煥)
Yoo Sun as Jang In Joo (장인주, 張仁珠)
Lee Sang Woo as Lee Sung Ha (이성하, 李聖夏)
Nam Da Reum as young Sung Ha
Lee Soon Jae as Ko Joo Man (고주만, 高朱萬)
Han Sang Jin as King Hyun Jong (현종, 顯宗)
Kim So Eun as Princess Sook Hwi (숙휘공주, 淑徽公主)
Jo Bo Ah as Seo Eun Seo (서은서, 徐恩瑞)

Extended Cast
Kim Chang Wan as Jung Sung Joo (정성조, 鄭成調)
In Gyo Jin as Kwon Suk Chul (권석철, 權錫哲)
Jang Hee Woong as Yoon Tae Joo (윤태주, 尹泰周)
Yoon Bong Gil as Park Dae Mang (박대망, 朴大望)
Choi Bum Ho as Jo Jung Chul (조정철, 趙廷哲)
Jun No Min as Kang Do Joon (강도준,姜道準)
Choi Soo Rin as Joo In Ok (주인옥, 朱仁鈺)
Kim Hye Sun as Queen In Sun (인선왕후,仁宣王后)
Lee Hee Do as Choo Ki Bae (추기배, 處基北)
Maeng Sang Hoon as Oh Jang Bak (오장박, 吳張半)
Ahn Sang Tae as Ja Bong (자봉, 子福)
Ahn Yeo Jin as Court Lady Kwak
Lee Kwan Hoon as Ma Do Heum
Lee Ga Hyun as Queen Myung Sung (명성왕후, 明聖王后)
Joo Jin Mo as Master Saam
Uhm Hyun Kyung as So Ka Young
Jung Gyu Woon as Crown Prince So Hyun (소현세자, 昭顯世子)
Choi Duk Moon as King Hyo Jong (효종, 孝宗)
Seo Hyun Jin as Jo So Yong / Jo Gwi In
Yoon Hee Suk as Seo Doo Shik (서두식, 徐斗植)
Seo Bum Shik as Kang Jung Doo (강정두, 姜廷斗)
Im Chae Won as Lee Myung Hwan (이명환, 李明煥)
Na Sung Gyoon as Park Byung Joo
Lee Sook as Choi Ga Bi
Kim Young Im (김영임) as Jo Bi
Oh Eun Ho (오은호) as Hong Mi Geum
Oh In Hye (오인혜) as Jung Mal Geum
Heo Yi Seul as Park Eun Bi
Jang Young Nam as Kang Do Joon’s wife
Jo Duk Hyun as Lee Hyung Ik (이형익, 李馨益)
Sun Woo Jae Duk as King In Jo (인조, 仁祖)
Shin Gook as medical staff
Yoo In Suk as farmer
Park Hyuk Kwon as Baek Suk Goo
Hwang Young Hee (황영희) as Baek Suk Goo’s wife
Han Choon Il (한춘일) as doctor at royal horse stable
Jun Hun Tae (전헌태) as doctor at royal horse stable
Kwon Tae Won as Kim Ja Jum
Kyung Soo Jin as Crown Princess Min Hoe Bin of Kang clan
Kim Ho Young as Oh Kyu Tae
Yoon Jin Ho (윤진호) as Choi Hyun Wook
Lee Hee Jin as Woo Hee
Song Min Hyung as Boo Tae Soo
Im Byung Gi (임병기) as Soo Bo (Woo Hee’s older brother)
Park Young Ji as Hong Yoon Shik
Na Jae Gyoon (나재균) as Do Seung Ji
Kang Han Byul as little crown prince, later King Suk Jong
So Hyang as Kyu Soo
Jung Dong Gyu (정동규) as Shim Moon Kwan
Kim Tae Jong (김태종) as Ji Pyung
Lee Jong Goo as Lee Myung Hwan’s stepfather
Yang Han Yeol as Young Dal (Ji Nyung)’s childhood friend
Oh Jung Tae (오정태) as Doo Mok
Kim Ik Tae as Joseon’s officer
Kang Shin Jo (강신조) as Guru Ui Geum Boo
Shin Joon Young (신준영) as Byung Ja
Choi Ye Jin (최예진) as court lady Nam
Choi Eun Suk (최은석) as Joseon’s officer
Ki Yeon Ho (기연호) as Joseon’s officer
Park Gi San (박기산) as Joseon’s officer
Song Yong Tae as Joseon’s officer
Lee Sung Ho (이성호)
Gil Geum Sung (길금성)

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      This series Should have won a Academy Award! Excellent series. Thank You uploader

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      This is a great series that will never be forgotten. I was pleased to see an old actors. New Faces, Simple people live and the king’s palace are beautiful. The story is a series of extraordinary and fascinating. Beautiful princess and nurses can not be forgotten. My opinion is that this series is much better than the TV series Hollywood and Bollywood. Beautiful Korean historical drama schould aired in Europe and America .Meine rating for the series is 1. I am also very grateful of uploder. please carry on.

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