Running Man (Movie) / 런닝맨 (2013)

By | October 4, 2013

Running Man (Movie)

Jong-Woo (Shin Ha-Kyun) went to prison four times for petty crimes likes burglary and car theft, but he now works as an auto mechanic. He has a 17-year-old son named Gi-Hyuk (Lee Min-Ho), which he raises by himself. Gi-Hyuk is a smart kid, but troubled. The father and the son also do not get along. Although, Jong-Woo might appear like an irresponsible father, he tries his best and even works at night as a private taxi service.

One evening, Jong-Woo drops off a couple at a ritzy hotel. Suddenly, another man hops into Jong-Woo’s car and tells him to drive off. Once the man pulls out large stash of cash, Jong-Woo is happy to drive the man wherever he wants. The man asks Jong-Woo to drive him to a delivery company.

Jong-Woo walks into the delivery company and asks for directions to the bathroom. He then notices the man mailing off a small electronic device. The man then comes up to Jong-Woo and offers him $1,000 if he will drive him to an apartment and then to the airport. Jong-Woo happily agrees, but he first grabs the man’s cellphone and calls his own cellphone.

Once they get into the parking garage of the apartment complex, Jong-Woo’s life is about to turn completely upside down. He runs out of the garage on foot and becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

Meanwhile, Gi-Hyuk is shocked and confused that his father is now a murder suspect. Gi-Hyuk attempts to uncover the truth.

Also Known As: 런닝맨
Year: 2013
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Action
Subtitle: English

Shin Ha-Kyun
Lee Min-Ho
Kim Sang-Ho
Jo Eun-Ji
Oh Jung-Se
Park Sang-Wook

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