The Gifted Hands / Psychometry / 사이코메트리 (2013)

By | July 5, 2013

The Gifted Hands

Yang Choon-Dong (Kim Kang-Woo) is a detective who rarely gets results. One day, a woman comes to the police station and reports her daughter is missing. The other detectives don’t take her case seriously, but Yang Choon-Dong believes it could be a real kidnapping case. His boss lets Yang Choon-Dong work on the case alone.

Late one evening, Yang Choon-Dong wanders down an alley to take a leak. Right next to him is a young guy (Kim Beom) with a hooded sweatshirt covering his face. The young guy appears to have finished spray painting graffiti on the wall. Yang Choon-Dong begins chewing out the young guy for vandalism, when the young guy sprays Yang Choon-Dong in the eyes and disappears into the night.

Days later, the missing girl is found dead in a vacant lot. Yang Choon-Dong is chewed out for not solving the case. During the evening news, Yang Choon-Dong watches a report on the missing girl case. The news report shows the crime scene from a distance. A chill suddenly runs through Yang Choon-Dong. He thinks back to the graffii incident in the dark alley. The graffiti that guy painted perfectly depicted the crime scene where the missing girl was found. Yang Choon-Dong becomes confused, because the graffiti was spray painted about a month before the girl’s body was found. Yang Choon-Dong begins to hunt for the guy who spray painted the graffiti.

When Yang Choon-Dong finally tracks down the young man, he gets way more than he expected. The young man is able to recount a traumatic childhood incident that occurred to Yang Choon-Dong that nobody should know about. It turns out the young man named Kim Joon has a special “psychometry” ability, which allows him to read someone’s past by simply touching them. His special gift though has haunted him all throughout his life.

Also Known As: Psychometry / 사이코메트리
Year: 2013
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural
Subtitle: The Gifted Hands / Psychometry / 사이코메트리 (2013) English Subtitle

Kim Kang-Woo
Kim Beom
Lee Joon-Hyuk
Kim Yu-Bin
Kim Jun-Ho

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