Devil Beside You / 惡魔在身邊 (2005)

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Qi Yue finally gained the courage to give Yuan Yi her love letter. Yuan Yi didn’t see her handing him the note and walked passed her. Jiang Meng, the troublemaker, the devil, was the one who accepted her note. Qi Yue, begging that the note wasn’t meant for him, he didn’t listen. He wanted what he wants and his desire was Qi Yue. Even though having a cruel appearance , Ah Meng’s heart is kind and caring, which touched Qi Yue. The big problem remained – Ah Meng is the son of the man Qi Yue’s mother is going to marry. Even though they were not related by blood, what will happen when they become step brother-sister, how will it affect their relationship, what happens when other lovers come into the picture? Find out on Devil Beside You, it will make you laugh, cry, and make your heart feel fuzzy.

Title: 惡魔在身邊 / E Mo Zai Shen Bian
Also known as: Devil Beside You, Devils Do Exist
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 14 (TV Broadcast), 20 (DVD)
Broadcast network: CTV
Broadcast period: 2005-Jun-25 to 2005-Sep-18
Air time: Sunday 22:00-23:30

Mike He as Jiang Meng 江猛
Rainie Yang as Qi Yue 齊悅
Kingone Wang as Sang Yuan Yi 尚源伊
Ivy Fan as Xin Li Xiang 辛莉香
He Du Lin as Jiang You Hui 江友暉
Ge Wei Ru as Huang Xue Wei 黃雪薇
Masuyama Yuki as Yu Yang Ping 于陽平
Tsai Pei Lin as Qing Zi 晴紫
Fu Xiao Yun as Xiao Cai 小彩
Yuan Jun Hao as Guo Kai 郭凱
Katherine Wang as Liu Mei Di 劉美蒂
Figaro Ceng as Yuan Chuan Rang 袁川讓
Wu Zhong Tian as Tian Si Shen 田思慎
Wang Jian Min as Chui Ming 椎名
Angie Tang as Grandma Jiang
Meng Ting Li as Yuan Mei Jin 袁美津
Janel Tsai as Chuang Ya Li 莊雅莉
Huang Xing Lun (黃星倫) as Cai Yi Lang
Xu Qiong Yun (許瓊云) as childhood Qi Yue

English Hardsubbed

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