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X-Man (Hangul: X맨) was a popular South Korean game show which ran from November 8, 2003 to April 8, 2007 on SBS. Its popularity peaked in 2004, but a decline in ratings led to its cancellation. It was hosted by Yu Jae-suk, Kang Ho-dong, Kim Jae-dong, who was later replaced by Gong Hyung-jin, Park Kyung-lim, and Lee Hyuk-jae; only the first two were on the program since its inception.
X-Man started out as a program in Real Situation Saturday on November 8, 2003, and it was a huge hit. During its period in Real Situation Saturday, it was referred to as “Real Situation: Finding X-Man” (실제상황 X맨을 찾아라). Because of its unique concept and interesting games, X-Man quickly gained an audience. X-Man contained main games and mini-games, all referred to as “Missions”. Eventually, missions were reduced due to the addition of a Couple Event that took up 3/4 of the 2nd episode in a season. Due to high ratings, it later moved on to Sunday on October 10, 2004, under the program Good Sunday, in an attempt to revive the sinking show. X-Man is loosely based on The Mole.

List of X-Man Episodes

English Subtitles: https://www.box.com/s/j5yx89kgxpid35sf2sa6



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